Meet Our Owners

  • Our fearless leader (but only if Shannon says so)

    Skip has ink running through his veins with a deep heritage in the printing industry. Skip's attention to detail and commitment to excellence trickles down throughout the shop. In addition to growing up in the printing industry his Economics degree and extensive military schooling in Logistical Management and Leadership give him additional abilities to oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of Esprit.

    When Skip is not focused on his printing responsibilities at Esprit he enjoys helping or assuming leadership roles in many organizations such as Printing Industries of the Pacific, Tamastsklit Trust Board, Benton Franklin Council of Governments and his duties as a publicly elected official serving in his tenth year as a Port of Kennewick Commissioner. When he has time Skip enjoys the power of his 600+ horsepower SRT Dodge Challenger.

    Skip is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and was named Kennewick Man of the Year in 1999 and Tri-Citian of the Year in 2011.

    And just in case you are wondering – NO Shannon does not salute Skip and YES Skip refers to Shannon as the person he works for at Esprit!

    If you have a question, Skip has the answer. Feel free to contact him at (509) 586-7858, or by email at

  • Esprit’s REAL Boss (or as Skip may say Esprit’s real bossy leader)

    Shannon is in charge of everything – and yes that includes being in charge of Skip. She has been in the printing industry since July of 1984. Shannon is known for her ability to help clients navigate all the intricacies involved with their printing project. She listens carefully to the needs of each client then helps the client make decisions that lead to award winning printing – Shannon is your go to person for exceptional and knowledgeable customer service.

    As co-owner of Esprit with Skip since August of 1989, Shannon takes pride in serving the Tri-City region with the highest quality customer service and printed materials. Her genuine caring and concern for everyone’s well-being extends to all members of the Esprit staff as well. From the special birthday lunches with carefully selected gifts for each Esprit Team member to the more elaborate including special year end Christmas parties. For over thirty years she has always been available to help staff members with any issues or problems they present to her and her success rate has been remarkable.

    Shannon has been an advocate for animal well-being all her adult life. She currently enjoys the constant company of Mr. Wesley a Great Dane/Coon Hound rescue. Skip and Shannon where named Downtowners of the Year in Kennewick in 1994 and Shannon was recognized as Kennewick Woman of the year in 2010.

    If you need any assistance with your printing order or have a billing question, please contact Shannon at (509) 586-7858, or by email at